40 years in the business!

Frames Direct has been an industry leading fabricator and supplier of uPVC Windows, Doors & Conservatories for 40 years!

Supplying quality windows to the Irish and UK markets, Frames Direct has established itself throughout the building industry with installers and fitters alike as a reliable and trustworthy partner.

They key factor in maintaining this standing within in the industry and retaining long term partnerships with installers and fitters has been the quality and finish of the products supplied.

Initially in aluminium and moving into uPVC as the market demands changed.

Based in a modern spacious plant in Buncrana, County Donegal, Frames Direct has a history of continuous product improvement and constant innovation coupled with investment in the most modern and up to date plant and machinery.

A highly skilled and experienced workforce who are trained and indoctrinated with ‘quality’ all along the supply chain to delivering highest class quality windows and doors available on the Irish market. Our ‘unique selling point’ is the quality and value of our finished products.

The company has a solid history of growth in the Irish market and in today’s difficult climate is one of the few companies in our industry sector with growth in both volume sales and employee numbers coupled with investment to achieve sustainable managed expansion throughout Ireland.

Registered with the British Fenestration Rating Council which is an energy rating system for achieving an ‘A’ rating on our glazed windows (the same system for rating household appliances). Frames Direct supply windows that are energy efficient and eco-friendly.


Nothing but the best!

For over thirty years, we have been at the forefront of PVC-U window and door design.

Our British made systems are some of the most complete and advanced on the market.

It’s no surprise therefore, that we offer such a wide range of triple glazing solutions.

Low emissivity glass, the type of gas fill and the size of the cavity all impact on performance.

The type of spacer bars and the edge sealants all make a difference.

Within the outer frame and sash, insulating foam or thermal barrier technologies can be used.

Glazing widths include 28mm and 36mm for the slim line Elite 63, and 28mm, 40mm and 44mm for Elite70. On Liniar 28mm, 36mm and 40mm.


Good for your & the environment!

Window Energy rating is a method for assessing the total energy performance of a complete window.

An a-G energy rating has been developed for windows by the BFRC.

This is the same as the rating systems used for household appliances – such as fridges and light bulbs.

It clearly shows the products that can save customers money and assist in the reduction of Co2 emissions.

The lifetime cost of heat lost through a window is greater than the purchase cost.

The cost of a window is not just the purchase cost – it is also the cost of operating the window.

The cost of heat loss through a window easily exceeds the cost of the window over the typical lifetime of a window.

Window heat losses can account for over 30% of total heat lost from a house. This can be significantly reduced using energy efficient windows.

Windows have traditionally been a large source of energy loss from houses but this can be nearly halved by the use of the new energy efficient technologies.

Our windows and doors provide an outstanding barrier against heat and noise loss – even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Windows and door made from PVC-U negates the use of timber, protecting the planets trees.

We recycle our own waste and generate new products whilst still retaining the highest standards in quality of material.

Our windows and doors do not require painting and therefore don’t consume additional harmful materials or generate associated waste.

Our entire manufacturing process – from production to installation – is confined
to the UK and Ireland thereby minimising transportation and fuel consumption from wider exportation.