For high-rise & inaccessible locations.

Especially designed for high-rise and inaccessible locations, the fully reversible window fabricated by Frames Direct will revolutionise the industry.

The window easily rotates 180° allowing for safe and easy cleaning of the outside pane without the window entering the room space itself.

The Spectus designed fully reversible windows is the perfect combination of optimised thermal performance and outstanding aesthetics.



Everything you need to know
  • A deep bevelled edge for striking appearance ensuring compatibilty with existing Spectus Elite 70 suite.
  • Window rotates 180° without entering the room space allowing for easy cleaning of the outside pane.
  • A range of glazing options: 24, 28, 40 and 44mm.
  • Contains Innovative Aeroframe barrier technology for greater thermal performance and reduced U-values (Low U-value of 0.8 achieved with Triple Glazing).
  • Optional 2nd and 3rd weather seal to aid thermal performance.
  • Recycled composite outer frame reinforcement.
  • Variety of colours available.